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“I should’ve gone to Abbott’s first.”

White Bear Lake’s Trusted
Local Interior Design &

Paint Store

Carpet Store

Hunter Douglas Store

Window Treatment Store

Flooring Store

Wall Coverings Store

Abbott’s is more than a Paint Store. We are a Home Improvement & Interior Design Store partnering with you in creating a new look and feel of your home. Our highly trained experts and designers listen to your wants and needs, then help you bring your project, or dream, into reality.

“I should’ve gone to Abbott’s first.”

Stories & How-To’s of Paint Projects &
Interior Design Renovations

White Bear Lake Home Improvement & Interior Design

Abbott Paint and Carpet is more than a Paint Store, we are a Home Improvement & Home Interior Design Store. What is a Home Interior Design Store you ask? Well it’s not a hardware store, whether small or ginormous.  A home improvement & home interior design store is a business that focuses on and serves you in improving, or renovating, the look, feel and functionality of your home.

Luxury Carpets & Flooring, Premium Paints, Hunter Douglas Blinds, for All Budgets

Imagine how you would feel if you could redo the inside of your house, how would that look to you? How would that feel to you, to walk in after a long day and see new colored paint on the walls, new carpet in the living room, eco-friendly floors in the kitchen, new stone vinyl floors in the bathroom, new expressive blinds and curtains on your windows… imagine how that would feel to you. Imagine how that would feel to share it with your friends and family hosting beautiful dinners or parties.

Abbott Paint & Carpet White Bear Lake

Abbott Paint and Carpet has served as the neighborhood home improvement store in White Bear Lake for over 70 years. We have experts that have worked at Abbott for an average of 10 years and some for 20 years. We specialize in KNOWING all about paint, carpet, flooring, wall coverings, and window treatments. We are a retail store and we sell these things, but we SPECIALIZE in knowing everything about these items to serve you the very best we can. It is our team of experts that make the short drive from Minneapolis worth it.

Improving or renovating your home with your style and the perfect colors, textures and combinations, can be a huge challenge and no easy task. Having an expert on your team makes all the difference.

This is what everyone at Abbott does for you, we only hire experts, and we help you turn your dream home into a reality by helping you create your perfect aesthetic look and feel. We have a large, extensive selection of products, and are intimately familiar with every one of them. This is what helps us work with you to customize a personalized, tailored outcome to your taste and lifestyle.

Come see us, we’ll help you pick out the perfect window treatments to meet all your needs and desires. There IS A DIFFERENCE in shopping with us compared to those big guys, you’ll notice it right as you walk in the door, and we take pride in that. Doing business with a local company means your money stays in the community.

Abbott Paint & Carpet, local and family owned for you for 70 years!

I should‘ve gone to Abbott’s first.

Happy White Bear Lake Customer Testimonials

“Abbott Paint & Carpet is an example of why frequenting the smaller shops makes ALL the difference! We had our home painted after having picked out our colors with an interior designer with whom we have worked for many years and been very pleased with her ability to select a color. We hired a painter based on convenience and price. (least expensive).
The painter did what I asked of him. He painted the house.

For a year, my heart sank every time I pulled into our driveway. The house just didn’t look right. The color I chose looked so different on the house. I tried many things to make it look better…..but the day I walked into Abbott Paint in White Bear Lake in the middle of the winter and was greeted by about 4 helpful people who, after hearing some of my story; referred me to Kevin Abbott. Kevin asked me the right questions to start us down the path of figuring out where things went wrong. First of all, our least expensive painter did not use Benjamin Moore paint though he had the color computer matched. (HEAR THIS: on big projects or if you really care about color and esthetic…this is not the place to try and save money. Paint quality, products, and specific brand colors matter!!) Over the course of 4-5 months of me stopping in the store, and Kevin always making time to answer my questions and giving me names of trusted painters to interview …I am so pleased with how our house looks!! I feel calm and happy as I pull in the driveway. Learn from my mistakes-get the personal and knowledgeable assistance from the educated people at Abbott Paint. There is so much to know that not even a qualified designer can possible be on top of it all. It might be akin to expecting your family GP to recommend the best fitting running shoe. GO TO THE SOURCE! I am still shocked at the difference the quality of paint makes to the way the siding looks. Stunning.”
– Susan D.

“We just remodeled our kitchen and updated flooring and paint on the main and upper levels of our home. Abbott provided all the paint and carpeting for our project. Abbott was flexible and willing to work within the timeline of our remodeling company. Carpeting was the final piece of the remodel project. We had earlier ordered paint from Abbott and it was already on the walls. Exactly the color we were looking for. My daughter and I stopped in the store and were given excellent advice on carpet selection from Tim. He answered all my questions and offered thoughtful suggestions. He not only helped with the decision-making process by giving experienced answers but insisted I take home the carpet sample board to show the whole family. We could all feel the carpet and see what it actually looked like in the house with the new paint and new kitchen lighting.

I emailed Tim my carpet selections and he confirmed in writing. Per our arranged schedule, Tim came out and did the final measuring and followed up with pricing. He provided timing for installation and explained the process. Tim assured us we would not be disappointed with the service. Tim was right and we love the carpet. It is such an improvement and makes the whole house feel new. The installers we great and everything was done on time and within budget, as promised. The new paint looks great with the new carpet and our remodel is now complete!”
– Bill L.

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